A well lit path for a Dog

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One of the most tragic things that can happen to a dog owner is losing your dog. Tragically, 7% of dogs that are lost are never found. Although this may seem like a relatively small number, the experience of losing a dog can be heartbreaking. In order to prevent this from happening, Pet Globes has put efforts into innovative solutions. Our LED Night Collar can help prevent dogs getting lost during night time walks.

One article from Huffington Post states that of dogs that are lost and never found, only 15% are wearing a collar or name tag. Increasing the number of collars and name tags used can help dogs be identified and returned to their loving families.

Our Pet Globes LED Night Collar is equipped with a metal ring into which a name tag or a GPS Tracker can be placed. These strategies ultimately increase the chances that a dog will be found once lost. You can visit, Wireless Bluetooth GPS tracker for Dogs which is an effective way to put the tracker onto your dog’s LED Night Collar. The Wireless Bluetooth GPS tracker for Dogs comes with instructions to download an app on your phone which can track a dog with very high accuracy. As a Pet Parent, make sure you are equipped with the best tools to protect your dog from being lost!

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