3 in 1 Bath Brush + Scrubber + Massager

  • $33.33

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  • This combined shower head is the #1 tool to wash your dog while simultaneously massaging them
  • Save yourself and your pet some time this with easy to use, easy to install, 3-in-1 Bath Brush + Scrubber + Massager for your pet
  • Designed to fit all hands, this material is breathable yet sturdy enough to wash your dog thoroughly
  • This brush will wash away all dirt and lose hair in a jiffy without causing your pet any discomfort or pain
  • Unlike the de-shedding glove, this scrub allows your fingers to breathe freely and wash your dog quickly and effectively without developing pruney skin
  • The hose will fit any traditional bathtub, faucet or water tap, so you have the ability to take this product anywhere around your house or outside
  • Package Includes: Hose, Drain Plug + Adjustable hose strap for faucet/tap

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